Many of our films have won critical acclaim both within the UK and internationally. 

Everything we do is driven by the same desire to tell deeply human stories and continually innovate in the way we bring these stories to life. 

We tell beautiful, intimate, and ultimately uplifting stories that represent diverse voices. We never duck the truth and we treat every subject with genuine respect. Our approach has gained us unprecedented access to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, and granted us rare insight into private lives of some remarkable people. 

Tigerlily Productions began with a chance meeting by the photocopier at The Royal College of Art where our founders Natasha Dack-Ojumu and Nikki Parrott studied and established their creative partnership. Since 2000 their shared passion for storytelling has earned our multi-award winning independent production company a reputation for tackling powerful subject matter with sensitivity and artistry.

Our output covers documentary, arts and music, history, drama and current affairs across a range of media, and we’ve travelled across continents and cultures to make compelling viewing.